Knox School Board Handles Financial Items

Knox-School-Board-2014The Knox School Board met Monday night to approve items that help operate the school corporations’ finances.

Knox Superintendent A.J. Gappa described the meeting as taking care of regular business. The Board approved a measure transferring 2014’s capital project fund into the 2015 fiscal year.

Gappa says the carryover of capital project funds is considered a normal occurrence.

“That’s just an automatic thing where any monies that’s left over in the Capital Projects Fund are approved to be carried into the new year. In other words, any monies that aren’t spent are carried into the New Year,” says Gappa.

The Board also approved measures allowing the Treasurer to make bill payments on time and keep fund balances in the black.

Gappa says that finances can change prior to a board meeting, meaning action could sometimes be required ahead of time.

“If there’s money in one fund, the Treasurer has the ability to transfer from one fund to the other to cover things so nothing is in the red, or the negative, and then the board can approve of that at the next date, or a later date,” says Gappa.

The Knox School board will next meet in February.