Mathew Swanson Remembered

Mat Swanson
Mat Swanson

The community is mourning the loss of a friend.

Mathew Swanson passed away this week.

That’s “Mathew” with just one “t”. He was 87.

Mat had been actively involved in many local organizations that continue to provide benefits to young and old alike. His interest in area youth is exemplified by his support of 4-H activities and of the Starke County Development Foundation because he said, he saw students leaving the community due of a lack of jobs, and was hopeful that the exodus could be stopped. His involvement in the Starke County Community Foundation and its many scholarships for area youth in another example. And, as a member of the Board at Ancilla College, yet another.

His service and expertise benefited almost every not-for-profit organization at one time or another. He served as treasurer of most and president of many.

He has been recognized for his community efforts by being named winner the Henry F. Schricker Award in 2003 and the Robert Hamilton Award in 2011. His community involvement has been personal, monetary and sweat equity. He rolled up his sleeves many times to help develop projects such as the Gateway & Depot entrance into Knox.

His personal interests, in addition to his family, and spending time on the waters of Bass Lake, ranged from raising hogs, to the Starke County Fine Arts Commission, where he served as treasurer, of course.

Starke County is tipping its collective hat to the memory of Matthew Swanson, who has helped to make life worth living here in the County of Starke.