North Judson Police Get Reports of Scam Phone Calls


Officers from the North Judson Police Department warn residents that scams are making the rounds.

Several complaints have been made about a caller posing as a Social Security or an IRS worker looking for information and requesting account numbers. Police have also received information that people are posing as other county officers are calling residents asking for bail money for a loved one. Other calls have been reported involving a police detective looking for information about a warrant. If the resident puts up bail money immediately, then the arrest warrant would not be carried out.

North Judson officers stress that police officers would not make these types of phone calls at any time.

They encourage residents to be very cautious about giving out any personal information during an unsolicited phone call. If the phone call sounds suspicious, hang up and notify the police. Social Security information and bank account information should not be given to anyone over the phone.

For more information or to report a scam, call the North Judson Police Department at (574) 772-5914.