Officer Injured in Altercation during Traffic Stop


Two Munster residents were arrested late Tuesday night after the driver of the vehicle got into a physical confrontation with the arresting officer.

According to a release from the LaPorte County Sheriff’s Department, a car driven by Travis Dade, 23, was traveling at 80 mph in a 55 mph zone. Sgt. Brett Swanson stopped the vehicle at Range Road and U.S. 6 near the town of Kingsbury. Sgt. Swanson asked Dade to step out of the vehicle after the officer smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle.

After exiting the vehicle, Dade began to fight when Sgt. Swanson attempted to handcuff Dade. Dade used his elbow to strike Sgt. Swanson in the throat and punched him in the face, according to police. Sgt. Swanson received abrasions to his left hand. The officer retreated to his car to radio for help while Dade attempted to flee in the vehicle. Dade was unable to get away as the keys were removed from the car. Another officer arrived on scene and used his taser in order to gain control and handcuffed Dade.

Police say a search of Dade’s vehicle found marijuana in several forms.

Dade was booked into the LaPorte County Jail on preliminary charges of battery by bodily waste, a Level 5 felony, and Level 6 felony charges of battery of a public safety official and resisting law enforcement. He is being held in the jail on a $15,005 bond. More charges could be filed after a narcotics investigation.

Sgt. Swanson was treated and released for his injuries at IU Health LaPorte Hospital, and he was also evaluated due to the claim by Dade that he was HIV positive. The passenger in the car, Shannon Hembree, 22, was arrested and has a preliminary charge of refusal to aid an officer which is a Class B misdemeanor.