Starke County Commissioners Continue Discussion of Vehicle for Coroner

Starke County CommissionersThe former Starke County Sheriff’s Department prisoner transportation van may be road-worthy in the mechanical sense, but it doesn’t provide the most dignified means of transportation for the recently deceased. That’s the consensus of the Starke County Commissioners after further discussion Monday night. Recently-elected coroner Adam Gray has access to a Starke County EMS vehicle on an as-needed basis but will eventually need something more permanent. The commissioners want to give him the Dodge Durango used by the Starke County Sheriff’s Department if it has adequate cargo space to meet his needs.

Sheriff Bill Dulin told WKVI News the SUV will be one of two vehicles he replaces this year, as it has more than 100,000 miles. He previously asked that it be repainted so the two-tone brown will not be confused with sheriff’s department patrol vehicles. Dulin also told WKVI he would like to replace the SUV with another four-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicle for the county’s K-9 officer.

No final decisions have been made about a vehicle for the coroner. The commissioners next meeting is Monday, Feb. 2.