Starke Election Board Weighs Ordinance With Finances


The process continues for developing a town convention in North Judson and Hamlet.

The Starke County Election Board met on Tuesday to review additional plans for towns with a population under 3,500.

An ordinance needs to be passed according to state statute that would allow certain towns to have a convention. Knox, with a slightly larger population, would continue to have a primary.

Election Board member Peg Brettin says part of the ordinance may address whether the County will continue paying for elections.

“Last year, we had made that proposal, and we have it set up where we would help those towns, and they would give us the bill and we would pay for those elections, so we will be waiting for that information to come from the Town Clerks,” says Brettin.

The Election Board intends to ask the North Judson and Hamlet Town Clerks for documentation on the ordinance. Once that documentation has been received, the Election Board will review the new process for conventions with them.

The Election Board says the towns can use County election equipment.