Winamac Looking to Fill Commission Spots

Winamac Town Hall
Winamac Town Hall

Winamac is looking for individuals that may have an interest serving in local government.

The Winamac Town Board reorganized itself last week, but on Monday night, found itself looking for residents to fill open slots on the Town’s various commissions.

During Monday night’s Winamac Town Board meeting, several names were brought forward as nominees. Winamac Town Board President Kenneth McFarland says an interest and a desire to serve is all that’s required.

“Basically what we do is put out feelers to see who might be available to serve, who would like to serve, and who would do a good job,” says McFarland.

Recruiting for the positions is considered pretty slow as far as the Town Board is concerned.

McFarland says it’s a possibility some of the positions may not be filled, but the commissions will continue their work as expected.

“Most of it is, of course, voluntary. I mean there’s not a lot of pay that goes with it so we’re looking for people that are dedicated to the growth and interest of the town,” says McFarland.

Certain commissions require certain political party memberships. McFarland says they don’t necessarily have a time frame under which they’re working.