Winamac Loosens Police Living Requirements

Winamac Town Hall
Winamac Town Hall

Police in Winamac can expand their living arrangements to the adjacent counties.

On Monday, the Winamac Town Board considered, and approved, a measure making the change. Previously, Winamac Police were required to live in Pulaski County. The move follows a review of the previous policy by the Board.

Winamac Town Board President Kenneth McFarland says he doesn’t believe there have been problems hiring.

“I imagine that it was an indication that probably the draw of the patrolmen to be hired was getting slimmer,” says McFarland.

The change was proposed by the Winamac Police Chief, though the reasons for the change remain a bit unclear.

McFarland says there may be a few positives resulting from the change.

“I think the hiring process will be easier, that probably will be more beneficial than anything,” says McFarland.

The policy allowing Winamac Police officers to live in the adjoining counties goes into effect immediately according to the Town Board.