Winamac Town Board Leaves Park Decisions Up To Managers

Entrance to the Winamac Town Park
Entrance to the Winamac Town Park

The Winamac Town Board says it won’t be making the decisions when it comes to opening and closing the Town Park in winter.

During Monday night’s Board meeting, it was suggested the back portion of the park be closed during the colder months. The change could potentially save money, reduce hassle, and protect residents from dangerous or icy conditions.

Board member Richard Denney says there’s no need for residents to be back there in winter.

“We wouldn’t have to plow it, we can turn the lights off, we can post it: there’s no trespassing so nobody needs to be back there,” says Denney. “I understand there’s a desire to drive around and spend time back there, but it’s impractical.”

It was stated that many still use the back portion of the park during winter, giving residents a space to use. Several board members suggested that so long as snow has been cleared from the space, it could remain open.

The Town Board determined it was best to leave the decisions on use of the park up to the Park Superintendent and the Town Manager. Denney says those duties fall within their job description.

“If there’s an objection by the council, they can bring it to the council to make a final decision,” says Denney. “It’s in their job description to manage the park, first of all the Park Manager should be doing that with counsel with his boss, the immediate boss, the new Town Manager.”

Denney says there are more than 20 lights that could be wasting electricity. He says closing the back portion of the park could also reduce some undesirable activity in the space.