Winamac Town Board To Meet After Town Manager Interviews

Winamac Town Hall
Winamac Town Hall

Interviews were conducted last week, but now the Winamac Town Board is anticipated to make a hiring decision.

The Town of Winamac has been without a Town Manager for several weeks. Searching for a potential candidate to fill the position follows the termination of previous Town Manager Jim Conner.

According to Town Board President Kenneth McFarland, the Board is searching for a candidate with previous administrative experience. An understanding of the utility systems in Winamac is also considered desirable.

The Town Board started interviewing candidates on Wednesday of last week. Three candidates had the opportunity for an interview and to discuss their experience. The Town received six applications for the slot.

Weather may have played a factor in conducting interviews, but the Board was confident they would have an announcement by this evenings’ meeting.

The Winamac Town Board will meet tonight at 6:00 eastern.