Continuing Cold Leads to State Homeland Security Recommendations


First FEMA, and now the Indiana Department of Homeland Security is advising against being out in the bitter cold.

Wind Chill readings were expected to be in the double-digits below zero. Cold weather moved into the area yesterday, but will continue through midday. Wind gusts may not be helping matters, but the IDHS says they are urging residents to take precautions against the cold.

Making trips outside brief, wearing layers, and covering exposed skin are considered first steps in preventing cold-related ailments. The IDHS says that if travel is necessary, to make sure the vehicle contains the necessary provisions such as an emergency kit, an ice scraper, and blankets.

Following in the steps of FEMA, the IDHS also says checking on family, friends, and neighbors can also avert safety problems. Prolonged exposure to cold can lead to frostbite and hypothermia.