Fight for Public Transportation Funds Goes to Legislature

 Public transportation offered by Community Services of Starke County, Pulaski County Human Services and Marshall County Council on Aging is in high demand. Funding to keep up with the demand has caused legislators to get involved.

The Public Mass Transportation Fund has not received any additional money for seven years. The funding is distributed among 65 public and nonprofit agencies that offer transportation by reservation or on-demand. According to Joan Haugh, Executive Director of Community Services of Starke County, officials there have to turn down requests for trips due to lack of drivers, vehicles and available money. Last year, 757 different individuals were transported which shows a need for funding to provide a community service. About 50 passenger trips are provided each day.

The Indiana Citizens’ Alliance for Transit and partners are launching the INvest INtransit campaign to help meet the demand for public transportation.

ICAT supports a bi-partisan proposal by Indiana legislators, who agree that transit funds need to be increased in order to meet Hoosiers’ demand and need for public transportation.

House Bill 1215 has been introduced in the legislature that would boost the Public Mass Transportation Fund up to $60 million.

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