Gasoline Prices on Upward Trend


Motorists saw gasoline prices on a downward trend for several months, but for the past few days the price has increased slightly.

According to AAA Hoosier Motor Club, prices for unleaded gasoline declined a record 123 consecutive days to $2.03 a gallon. The price increased last week for the first time since Sept. 25 of last year.

The national average price of gas is $2.06 which is approximately $1.22 less per gallon than one year ago. AAA estimates that $365 million less per day is spent on gasoline nationwide. Indiana’s current statewide average price is $2.17 a gallon.

Gas prices have increased due to refinery issues and more stable crude oil costs, according to the AAA report. Refinery maintenance season is underway, and a refinery problem in Whiting has increased the price. Motorists can expect to see the price inch up further as trends suggest that action. Maintenance is done now to prepare refineries for the summer season.