INDOT Battles Ice, Takes Temporary Pothole Measures


Filling potholes in the Northwest Indiana district has been a bit of a challenge according to the Indiana Department of Transportation.

Crews have been spending a majority of their time clearing snow and battling ice on area roadways during February.

INDOT Spokesperson Matt Deitchley says they work on potholes year round, but the winter weather often makes roadwork more difficult.

“In terms of when we’re patching potholes, it’s all the time as long as we’re not out doing snow and ice, plowing and salting,” says Deitchley.

During the winter months, a mixture is used that acts as more of a temporary patch to roadways needing repair.

INDOT says it’s not until the weather warms that they work to seal the potholes more permanently. Deitchley says they still work on potholes year-round.

“The only time we’re not is when the snow and ice is out there, we need to be be plowing and salting because, number one, from a safety standpoint that’s the most important thing to get cleared,” says Deitchley. “Once that’s taken care of, we’re out there patching potholes continuously until the weather warms up and then we can do that permanent fix.”

According to INDOT, potholes have been widespread in the Hoosier State. According to Deitchley, however, the problem is not as present as it was compared to last year.