Knox City Council Discusses Dumpster Ordinance

Knox City Council
Knox City Council

The Knox City Council held discussion on the dumpster ordinance last night.

Mayor Rick Chambers explained that at the last meeting they discussed allowing dumpsters in the residential districts if certain criteria are met. However, the mayor said he and City Attorney David Matsey looked over the ordinance, and the original intent was not to allow dumpsters in the areas zoned R-1 and on the public right of way. The way the ordinance is amended for the second reading, in order to have a dumpster in R-1 a building permit is needed. A dumpster is allowed in any ten-day period out of a month one time a year for cleaning projects or a roofing project, or appear before the Board of Public Works for a variance.

Councilman Don Kring commented that the rules are too strict. Councilman Ron Parker stated that if a dumpster is on someone’s private property inside a fence then it’s not the city’s business to be regulating that. Councilman Greg Matt countered stating that it’s the council’s responsibility to maintain a standard in the city where some people are not responsible for the upkeep on their property. Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston said that the health and safety of the community should also be a focus of the council.

After a lengthy discussion, the second reading of the ordinance was approved by a 3-2 vote. Greg Matt, Linda Berndt and Jeff Berg voted in favor of the ordinance, and Ron Parker and Don Kring voted against the passage of the second reading. The third and final reading will be brought before the council at their next meeting on Monday, Feb. 23.