Knox Public Hearing Held for Proposed Grant Application for Water Line Upgrades


The Knox City Council held a public hearing Monday night to gather opinions on a proposed grant application for a water line project this summer.

K-IPRC Executive Director Edwin Buswell said the City of Knox will be applying for an Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA) grant in the amount of $350,000 for the project. The local match will be 20 percent or $70,000.

Mayor Rick Chambers explained that Water Superintendent Todd Gardner and the engineers are looking to improve water flow in areas of the city.

“The project will increase the size of some water lines in the outer lying areas of town where the water lines are too small. The project will focus on improving poor service and the hydrants that do not get enough water. We’ll tie in some ends so that we don’t have dead ends on water lines,” explained Chambers.

A contractor will be hired to handle the project as the work lies outside the scope of the city.

The public hearing was closed with a few inquiries about the project. The grant proposal needs to be in by March 6, and the full application will go in on May 29.