Knox Water Superintendent Outlines Proposed Water Line Improvements


The City of Knox is looking to get a grant to fix water lines in areas of Knox that don’t get enough pressure.

Water Superintendent Todd Gardner told the Board of Public Works members that the project would include replacing outdated galvanized lines that go under homes. The project should also repair pressure issues to fire hydrants.

“We’ll add a section of line that actually goes down and around brown circle on Delamatyr and ties back in on Fisher and Adam. It would make a loop and add two fire hydrants down there where we don’t have any fire protection now. The other would be to extend down Mound to Myrtle Court and then back to Washington Street down to Allen Drive. We’re looking to cut across and tie in at the end of Lake Street,” explained Gardner.

The pressure will help fire protection for residents in that area. The pressure is currently about 60 gallons per minute that Gardner says is nothing.

The project may also include an extension of lines from Williams Street to John Street.

A public hearing was held Monday night during the Knox City Council meeting to gather opinions about a proposed Office of Community and Rural Affairs grant application in the amount of $350,000 to complete this project. The city would need to provide a local match of 20 percent or $70,000. The grant proposal needs to be in by March 6, and the full application will go in on May 29.