Miscalculated Funds in Contract Results in Additional Appropriation

 Pulaski County Attorney Kevin Tankersley explained a unique contract situation to the county council this week and requested an additional appropriation to cover the contract.

Four County Counseling informed the commissioners in the last part of 2014 that the county owes the company for ten years of miscalculated funds. The contract is mandated by the state. Even though Tankersley pointed out to their attorney the fact that the county signed an agreement with Four County Counseling for a specific annual amount for the past ten years, the company claims that the county owes them $16,117.38.

Tankersley said the main issue is whose obligation it is to figure out the calculation. There is an equation used to figure out the amount owed and the company claims that it’s the county’s obligation just as much as it is theirs, according to Tankersley.

After a negotiation, the attorney for Four County Counseling agreed to split the cost so the county will pay $8,058.69 which needs to be appropriated.

The calculated amount for the 2015 contract is $100,034.22 and only $89,662 was budgeted. Almost $11,000 will need to be appropriated to make up the difference for this year’s contract. The funding is mandated and the council has no choice but to accept it.

The additional appropriation of $18491.69 will be advertised.