New Medical Practice Looks to Expand Access to Healthcare, Locally


A new medical practice is opening its doors in the area and one physician is looking to use the opportunity to help improve access to healthcare.

For about 10 years, Dr. Amed Alhamwi has been developing his skills in internal medicine in New York, Illinois, and a few other areas. His practice is now operating in Knox with a focus on patients ages 18 and older.

He says he’s noticed patients are having difficulty seeing their doctors in a timely manner.

“I thought that, you know, there is a need, and I’m internal medicine Board Certified, so I was thinking, you know, let’s give it a shot and I’m hoping to get some support from the community to be able to continue providing those services,” says Alhamwi.

According to several sources, the immediate area is thought to have a shortage of medical professionals. One recent political candidate made note of the issues the healthcare industry is facing with its labor force on the campaign trail.

Dr. Alhamwi addressed concerns about a possible shortage in the area – saying that providing another practice will allow patients to be seen sooner, and will perhaps reduce unnecessary hospital visits.

“We tried to work with the medication that they can afford, and even if they don’t have insurance, we have a way where we can charge them relatively not too much for them to be seen at our office,” says Alhamwi.

A ribbon cutting for Dr. Alhamwi’s practice will take place on Wednesday.