North Judson Considers Revising Fee Schedule

North Judson Water TowerThe North Judson Town Council has decided to review a few alterations to their fee schedule.

During Monday night’s meeting, Council members saw proposals to change or even remove certain fees on first reading. Changes can be made to gain revenue, or even remove items that are viewed as unnecessary.

North Judson Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry says no decisions have been made yet.

“The council periodically reviews the ordinance to see if there’s anything that needs to be updated, or changed,” says Henry. “You know revised, or deleted maybe, or something like that so they’ve been redoing that for the past several weeks.”

The North Judson Town Council previously had a fee for snow and ice removal in the instance a resident was unable to remove it themselves. Council members have proposed removing the fee due to the difficulty of enforcing it.

A kennel fee was also proposed for removal due to a change in ordinance. Other fees were increased in the areas of base plates, emergency snow removal, and rental equipment.

The North Judson Town Council will review the matter on final reading at their next meeting.