Oregon-Davis Streamlining Website With Anticipated Launch

Oregon-Davis-Jr_Sr-BuildingThe Oregon-Davis School Corporation will have a new look on the World Wide Web.

A launch date for an updated website has not yet been determined, but the school board reviewed the design and content during Wednesday night’s meeting.

Simplifying information, and providing easier access to book downloads was cited as among the changes. Superintendent Greg Briles says there will be many features.

“Everything will be very basic, simple to get to, easy to understand for our community,” says Briles.

Several changes were being made to the website this week as a final revision before launch. Making the seal and name of the school corporation more noticeable still needs to be worked out.

Briles says Oregon-Davis modeled the website after a seven-second rule to help put important information at the forefront.

“Everybody will have one place where they go to the menu, everybody will have one place where they go to enrollment, the latest news will be scanning across there,” says Briles.

No action was taken by the board. The website is expected to be launched shortly.