Pleasant View Rest Home Residents Relocating

Pleasant View Rest Home
Pleasant View Rest Home

Half of the residents at Pleasant View Rest Home have found placement in other facilities.

Pulaski County Auditor Shelia Garling asked the county council this week how to handle funds coming into the county from residents who self-pay. They are paying for the month but leaving before the month is over. The council members agreed that the residents will get a refund that will be distributed when notification is received of their new placement.

Two more residents are expected to leave the county home by the end of the week.

By a majority vote, the county council removed funding for the Pleasant View Rest Home prior to the approval of the 2015 budget. The commissioners officially closed the county home by a majority vote in December because the council voted not to include funds for the facility in 2015. Eight residents who lived at the home are currently relocating. The county home will close operations on March 31.

The building will remain as a standing structure as it was recently nominated as a listing in the National Register of Historic Places.