Police Force Addition Gives North Judson Some Teeth

North Judson Police Department
North Judson Police Department

The North Judson Police Department is adding another officer, only this one works on four legs.

It was announced Friday that a K-9 unit will be joining the North Judson Police force. This is the first K-9 that will work for the department. The 6-year-old Dutch Shepherd name Gunner has completed years of training with a certified American K-9 Association outlet.

North Judson Police Chief Doug Vessley says the Town of North Judson is quite lucky to have the animal.

“I think it’s a very useful tool, especially with drugs and drug interdictions, that when we conduct a traffic stop, we’re going to know something right off the bat here if there’s some narcotics involved,” says Vessley.

Approval to move ahead with the contract process was given by the North Judson Town Council last week.

The K-9 officer will focus its efforts on the area’s drug problem and be an assist in situations such as traffic stops. The K-9 can also help in missing persons cases.

Officer Scott Beishuizen will be handling the animal. He and the dog have trained with the Hobart Police Department.

“We’ve been at it for quite a while and we’ve been trying to get the K-9 unit together here with the Town of North Judson for several months, you know it all takes time,” says Beishuizen. “We’re looking forward to getting out and getting it done.”

The K-9 worked its first official shift on Saturday morning.