Starke County Commissioners Accept 4-Way Stop Recommendations

4-way_stop_signThe Starke County Commissioners have authorized the addition of a four-way stop at a county intersection based on traffic surveys conducted by Purdue University. Signs will be added at the intersection of 350 East and 250 North due to the lack of sight distance that cannot be remedied by trimming trees and other growth. The report indicates one accident has occurred there and numerous complaints have been lodged.

Starke County Highway Superintendent Rik Ritzler also asked Purdue to study the intersection of 700 South and 300 East and 700 East and 200 North. The studies found a four-way stop is not warranted at 700 South and 300 East. The commissioners agreed with that recommendation. As for the intersection of 700 East and 200 South, Purdue recommends asking property owners for permission to trim trees that impair sight. If this does not work, a four-way stop may be added later. The commissioners agreed to that initial approach.