Starke County Commissioners Name Two CVB Members

starke-county-courthouseThe Starke County Commissioners have filled two of the four vacant seats on the county’s Convention and Visitors Commission Board of Directors. The nine-member panel was established according to state guidelines, which outline the political balance and other qualifications to serve.

New appointees include Daniel Boyer, who owns Grand Pause Farm on Range Road with his wife Connie, and Denise Cultice, who works for Kankakee Valley REMC. Both are Democrats and qualify for membership under the requirement that they are engaged in convention convention, visitor or tourism business or be involved in promoting conventions, visitors or tourism. The commissioners still need to appoint an additional Democrat and a Republican to the board. Prospective members can submit their letters of interest to the the Starke County Auditor’s Office as soon as possible. The CVB board meets quarterly.

State law requires a simple majority, in this case 5 members, be engaged in If available and willing to serve, at least two members must be engaged in the business of renting or furnishing rooms, lodging or accommodations as described in state law. Additionally, not more than one member may be affiliated with the same business entity, and no more than a simple majority of members may be affiliated with the same political party. Also, each board member must live in Starke County.

The county council adopted an innkeeper tax in 2005 in order to fund local tourism promotion. However, the ordinance to populate the CVB board was not passed until 2011.