Starke County Tax Certificate Sale Planned


A live certificate tax sale is planned for Tuesday, Feb. 17 at 10 a.m. in the commissioners room in the Starke County Annex building. The sale will include delinquent properties that did not sell in the previous Starke County tax sale.

The county commissioners are authorized to offer a tax lien for sale of delinquent properties from a prior year’s county tax sale. In Tuesday’s sale, 47 previously unsold tax sale certificates will be featured and opening bids that equal less than the total amount due in delinquent taxes, costs and penalties.

A tax certificate sale is a source for local governments to collect unpaid taxes, and it’s an opportunity for real estate investors to earn interest income upon redemption of the property sooner. The redemption period is 120 days from the sale date.

SRI, Inc. will conduct the sale.