Success Coalition Defines Goals, Prepares for Next Meeting

 The Starke County Success Coalition has developed a few areas of focus they hope will improve access to post-secondary education.

The newly formed group is looking to provide greater access to technical training and apprenticeships, as well as college. Their efforts apply to both youth and adults in Starke County.

Their first meeting January 15th laid out several goals, including: access to careers and higher education and its completion rate. An attainable college completion percentage of 25% by 2025 has been set by the group.

Several members attended a workshop in Plymouth recently with about 20 other counties in Indiana. After that meeting, the group requested that other community organizations assist youth in their efforts.

The group’s next meeting will be February 19th at 6:00 p.m. The group is asking for other members of the public that may be interested in joining the group.