West Central School Board Approves E-Learning Application

 West Central School Corporation students could make up school days missed if the Department of Education approves the corporation’s application to incorporate e-learning days into the school calendar.

Superintendent Don Street said students have missed four days of school due to snow so far this semester.

“We have to built-in snow days so we will go to school on February 16 and April 20 to make up two days. Currently, we have two days that are still outstanding,” said Street.

Street said the e-learning days would be utilized on Saturdays.

“E-learning is an opportunity for students to learn online so our teachers would provide lessons to our students and make it available on Friday. Our students would be able to work on school work as a regular school day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with Saturday being the day. It would be internet based.”

If students don’t have the internet at home, they can simply go to the school and complete their instructional day.

“Our school would be made available for students to come and to learn on the internet. So much of our society today – if you talk to kids in colleges they have to submit lessons online. Paper, pencils and pens are becoming outdated.”

Street noted that West Central is a one-to-one technology school so computers and the internet are used in classrooms on a daily basis. He said it’s important that the students get valuable instructional time in before the ISTEP test window begins.