West Central School Board Reviews Capital Projects Plan


The West Central School Board members discussed their capital projects plan during a work session last week.

Superintendent Don Street said that one focus in the next three years will be work at the high school.

“It’s kind of an aging building so we discussed sewer drains, water lines, water, electric panels, lighting, windows, doors, security, restrooms, storage, locker rooms, sidewalks, and fitness facilities were all discussed. We’ll come back to this later in the spring and review many of those items that we see as a need for the future,” said Street.

The board also looked at educational goals, financial goals and policy goals.

“We’ll pay attention to the legislature and what they’re proposing as we continue with small schools. Our enrollment fluctuations, and we’ll continue to focus on energy conservation and safety.”

The strategic plan and the capital projects plan will be brought before the board for final approval at their meeting in March.