Work Continues to Find Placement of County Home Residents

Pleasant View Rest Home
Pleasant View Rest Home

Three residents remain at the Pleasant View Rest Home.

Attorney Jere Humphrey told WKVI News that one resident will be moving out of the facility next week while two others should be placed by the end of March. March 31 is forecast as the last day of operations at the county home.

Humphrey was hired by the commissioners to take care of finalizing plans and paperwork in order to close the county home. The Pulaski County Council voted last year by a majority to exclude funds for the Pleasant View Rest Home in this year’s budget. In December, the commissioners had no choice but to approve the closure of the facility due to lack of funding. It was learned that the county had to keep the county home open until the residents could find alternate housing. That deadline is March 31.

Commissioner Terry Young said that the staff has done well to stick to the current processes there, and Humphrey has helped find placement of the remaining residents. The commissioners have not decided what will happen to the building after the county home operations cease, but Young hopes that some other entity can occupy the space and keep it a productive landmark.

The Pleasant View Rest Home was recently nominated to be a listing in the National Register of Historic Places.