Behavior A Key Issue During Youth Violence Prevention Week


It’s often a hidden issue.

That’s according to officials with the Council Against Domestic Abuse in Starke County. National Youth Violence Prevention Week is bringing awareness of violence-related issues to communities across the country.

This week is designed to help promote strategies that can help prevent and reduce violent behavior. Phoenix Health Case Manager Annette Ohman-Van Schoyck says it’s important to give people prevention techniques.

“If they’ve never experienced this type of thing, or that’s all they’ve ever known, then they’re not realizing that these behaviors are abusive and dangerous,” says Ohman-Van Schoyck.

For people between the ages of 10 and 24, youth violence is the second leading cause of death. That’s according to the Centers for Disease Control. Youth violence can include crime, harassment, assault, abuse, and bullying.

The National Association of Students Against Violence Everywhere says that each day this week their chapters will be recognizing behaviors to remedy violence, such as: respect, managing anger, and conflict-resolution.

Violent behaviors can also affect communities. Ohman-Van Schoyck says without awareness, youth violence can lead to more crime.

“There’s the intimate partner violence, or if you’re just talking violence among strangers, you’re seeing vandalism, more crime, more batteries,” says Ohman-Van Schoyck. “Sometimes it’s just so random.”

Officials with the National Association of Students Against Violence Everywhere says students can’t learn or feel safe without cooperation within a community.

The National SAVE Association says providing students with quality education and recreation programs can help prevent youth violence at the policy level.