Bullet Fired into Second Story Bedroom in LaPorte


The LaPorte Police Department is investigating a call of a bullet found in a man’s bedroom.

Police say that a man was lying in his bed early Tuesday morning on the second story of his home at 392 Melrose Street when he heard a loud noise. The man told police that he jumped out of bed to look outside but did not see anyone or any vehicles. He went back to bed.

Several hours later, he moved the blanket and noticed drywall particles on the bed. He heard something hit the floor and learned it was a fired bullet fragment. He explained to police that it appeared the bullet entered the room through a double pane window and hit the ceiling and a wall next to the bed before it landed on the bed.

Officers checked with neighbors who also reported hearing a loud pop but didn’t see anything.

If you have information regarding this incident, call the LaPorte City Police Department at (219) 362-9446. Callers can remain anonymous.