City of Knox Back on Track After Monday Power Outage

IMG_3651The City of Knox is expected to be back on track today.

Power was lost to a section of the city after a garbage truck was pulling out of a city parking lot. The truck caught a power line and snapped the pole in two, causing the outage.

Knox City Hall was shut down today while work was being done to repair the issue. Mayor Rick Chambers says there were a few technical things that needed to be done.

“We had to call our own electrician in up here to double check everything. And then about 5 o’clock, our IT guy got our internet services going, so we’re up and ready to go first thing in the morning and get caught back up,” says Chambers.

Around 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon, NIPSCO was able to get power restored to the buildings affected.

City Hall, the annex, the Courthouse, and the Starke County Jail were all without power. The outage also affected traffic. Chambers says this has happened before.

“We’ve had power outages, and our phones and computers and everything,” says Chambers. “Of course, we have no phone service either when our power goes out. It’s happened before and there’s just not much we can do.”

Internet and telephone companies were reported to be out ensuring their technology was also working properly yesterday evening.

The City of Knox does not anticipate any new problems now that power has been restored.