Eastern Pulaski Schools Looks to Adjust Policy Language


The Eastern Pulaski School Board will be looking to clarify some language for both students and board members.

During tonight’s regularly scheduled meeting, the board will be considering adjustments to language with the use of iPads. According to Eastern Pulaski Superintendent Dan Foster, the Board of Education never approved a formal agreement for students when using the digital technology.

With a bit of language adjustment, the school board hopes to make more clear how students are expected to use their school issued equipment. The change, according to foster, is also for insurance and repair purposes.

The Board will also be reviewing a policy section regarding insurance for board members. Current policy states that board members may have insurance coverage at $100 per month, but a change in the calculation increases the monthly premium. Foster says the change will more accurately reflect the cost for board members.

Tonight’s meeting begins at 5:30 EST at the Eastern Pulaski Distance Learning Lab.