Eastern Pulaski Schools Plans Technology Upgrades


The Eastern Pulaski School Corporation could soon be cleaning up some of its technology on campus.

Due to the extensive renovations and improvements being considered in Eastern Pulaski, cabling being run through the ceilings will be removed with new cabling replacing the former infrastructure. Because of this, Eastern Pulaski Schools will be upgrading their phone system.

Eastern Pulaski Schools Superintendent Dan Foster says this will provide a few opportunities.

“That will enhance our phone system next year and be able to do some things that we can’t do right now and be able to provide some good expandability which we don’t have right now,” says Foster.

In December, 2014 a company conducted a wireless survey and determined the school corporation doesn’t have enough wireless access points. About 40 additional wireless access points will be added this summer.

During last night’s School Board meeting, members agreed to the purchases of wireless equipment, staff computers, and a new phone system.

Foster says he spoke with technology staff at the school corporation who felt the moves were appropriate now.

“If we’re going to talk about a phone system, now would be the time,” says Foster. “Because if we do this and they’re pulling cable and then they put cable back in and whatever, and he said: then in two or three years if we decide to go with a new phone system, all that work and money that we just did will be no good.”

Pending some financial information regarding a bond issuance, funds will be used to replace the phone system.

Staff computers are also planned for replacement this summer.