INDOT Begins Highway Signal Upgrades

?????The Indiana Department of Transportation is improving traffic signals at several intersections along U.S. 30 and U.S. 6 in Lake and Porter Counties. A total of 11 lights will be upgraded to feature flashing yellow arrows. They allow left-turning traffic to yield the right-of-way to oncoming traffic and pedestrians and turn when a suitable gap is available. INDOT officials say this type of signal improves intersection efficiency by using cross-traffic gaps to allow more left turns.

When waiting in a dedicated left-turn lane, traffic may first see a flashing yellow arrow, depending upon signal phasing. If there are not suitable gaps in oncoming through traffic and sensors detect cars waiting to turn left, the flashing yellow arrow could change to a steady green. It would stop oncoming traffic and give turning drivers the right-of-way.

National research has shown the flashing yellow signal is more intuitive for drivers, results in fewer crashes, and moves traffic more efficiently at intersections. These signals are being used successfully across Indiana, and nationwide. Find more information online at