Knox Board of Works Approves New Towing Agreement


The Knox Board of Public Works reviewed a new towing agreement for four companies currently being utilized for service in the case of a car accident. Those companies include Buzz’s Towing, Howard and Sons Towing, Hauser’s Towing and Wagner’s Towing.

The agreement states that if the service is needed within the City of Knox contractors will be called on a rotating basis. The Knox City Police Department or the Starke County Sheriff’s Department would be working directly with the companies to request service. If the contractor does not answer the phone, the next company on the list will be called. It will be considered a rotational call and will not be made up.

Vehicle owners may request their own towing service if the vehicle is not an immediate safety hazard. If a contractor is used in this fashion, it will not count as a call for service on the rotation schedule.

The contractor will be insured with no less than $1 million combined single limit, according to a suggestion made by Board of Works member and insurance agent Jim Collins. That insurance includes personal injury liability and property damage. Proof of a valid license, proof of insurance, registration and other paperwork will be required to be filed in the Clerk-Treasurer’s Office.

The Board of Works members gave approval to Mayor Rick Chambers to sign the document along with the four companies involved.