Knox Building Adminstrator Sends Businesses Copy of Outdoor Storage Ordinance


Knox Building Administrator Bruce Williams has sent letters to businesses in the city to alert them to follow regulations set forth in the outdoor storage ordinance.

The ordinance was approved by the Knox Cty Council members last year after a two-year discussion on the issue. The ordinance allows outdoor sales and displays, but the items need to be placed in an area not greater than 15 percent of the gross floor area of the building, except outdoor garden displays. Outdoor sales and displays must be located 25 feet from the property and meet all other setbacks.

Items shall be located no less than 25 feet from the edge of any street or highway, at least five feet on either side of a sidewalk, and more than three feet from any building entrance.

Auto retailers, boat retailers, tractor dealerships and establishments that offer ATVs or motorcycles for sale are exempt as long as 75 percent of the merchandise is primarily stored outside.

All of the wording in the ordinance can be found on the city’s website under Code of Ordinances at