Knox City Council Encourages Residents to Look at the Bright Side

Knox City Council
Knox City Council

The Knox City Council encourages all to work hard to highlight positive aspects in Knox.

Several projects are upcoming that city council members are looking toward to help improve the city. The City of Knox is working on a comprehensive plan to improve the downtown area and blighted properties. Knox High School students are doing their part in beautifying the downtown area with a Serenity Garden project. Gazebos, benches and plants will be placed at the site for an uplifting feel for the downtown area.

There are many organizations available for Knox and Starke County residents to be a part of and share information.

The city council commented that the school system is strong, and the parks in the city are kept up by hard working park employees and the utility departments work hard to maintain streets and water and sewer lines.

The council members stated that if the residents of Knox have a higher perspective of the city, then a lot of work can be accomplished to make it an even better place.