Knox Indoor Percussion Ensemble Places at State

Knox Indoor PercussionThe Knox High School Indoor Percussion Ensemble performed well at the state level over the weekend.

The state preliminary competition was held Saturday morning at Avon High School where they placed second. Their evening performance in the final round of competition found them in third place.

Knox Band Director Craige Phipps commented that the Indoor Percussion Ensemble somewhat resembles a marching band.

“It’s essentially like marching band, except there are no wind instruments. It’s all percussion, and it’s done on a gym floor. So, imagine what you’d see with a marching band and move that indoors,” said Phipps.

Phipps said this isn’t the first time the students had been to the state level.

“They made it to State a number of years ago but this is the first time that they’ve ever received a medal. They pulled off third place, and they’ve never done that before. I think the highest they ever placed in years past was sixth place.”

Twenty-four students participated in the ensemble this year. Andy Rice, Kent Arnsbarger, Taylor Scott, and Angie Garner were directors in the event.

Photo provided.