Knox School Board Approves New Computer Plan

Knox-School-Board-2014Knox School Superintendent A.J. Gappa discussed with school board members recently a plan to provide students and teachers with new personal computers for the school’s completed four-year one-to-one computer program. The warranties are expiring on the current computers. He reported the cost for the next four years may be less than the last four years.

He said students who have had personal use of computers leave high school with technical knowledge that translates into many areas of life and they are better prepared for a college education.

School Technical Director Jim Landrum demonstrated the proposed new computers, which are much more advanced and yet more compact.

The Board is expected to make a decision soon on the new computer plan to take advantage of a cost advantage offered to them by the supplier that must be accepted no later than March 25th.

The old computers are expected to be refurbished and made available to elementary students or be used for parts.