Knox Street Department Looking Toward Spring Activities


Knox Street Superintendent Jeff Borg said the road crews have attempted to work on spring projects, but the snow was a surprise on Monday.

Street department employees were filling potholes and working grading alleys when the storm hit. Luckily, Borg said, the equipment was still prepared for snow removal.

The department has used 80 tons of stone to grade three alleys in the city. There are three alleys that have the most traffic which the department focuses on first. Crews normally spread more than 80 tons of stone in alley rehabilitation in the summer.

Borg said there wasn’t a lot of freezing and thawing that occurred this season, so potholes are minimal. If there are problem areas, they will tend to it as quickly as possible.

Borg said residents have already been busy in yards clearing brush and leaves. Truckloads of brush were taken to the city dump, and Borg anticipates that activity to pick up now that temperatures are starting to rise. Spring Leaf Pick-Up for the City of Knox is scheduled for the week of April 6 and again the week of May 4.