Local Students Compete In State Speech Competition


Three Knox High School students will be competing in State speech competition next Saturday.

Nathan and Coy Graham are in “duo interpretation” competition and Nathan Gagnon is in “broadcast.”

We asked the young men how the opportunity to be in speech classes and competition has affected their lives. Jonathan Graham hopes to be a computer tech.

“I plan on going out in the world and making a difference through whatever way I feel that I can sway anybody’s opinions in the world,” says Graham. “Doing this and having the ability to speak clearly will have a great role in my future endeavors.”

Nathan Gagnon says he might go into broadcasting, but is also interested in a military career”

“Speech team wasn’t really my first thing I wanted to do, but in the last few years of being on the speech team, I’ve realized it’s going to be so important in what I want to do in life,” says Gagnon.

Coy Graham says the experience is preparing him for life after school:

“Before I joined speech, I was actually a really shy kid. I didn’t really talk to anyone, but speech gave me the confidence to socialize more,” says Graham. “Especially for going to state, it just proves to me that dedication can get you anywhere as long as you work your best.”

Jana Kuric, KHS Spanish and Speech instructor, is their coach.