Mayor Gives Update on Monday Power Outage

IMG_3651The power issue in downtown Knox on Monday morning affected 700 homes and businesses.

Knox Mayor Rick Chambers informed the council members last night that City Hall was shut down for the day until repairs were made, and MPI had to close production for the day due to lack of power.

The driver of a garbage hauler dropped off the large recycling bins at City Hall and failed to lower the rack on the truck. That rack caught the telephone lines as he was pulling away from the parking lot and snapped the pole in half. The lines were attached to City Hall.

Mayor Chambers explained that there is a main line that goes through the city in front of City Hall. It continues through Wythogan Park and feeds electricity to locations out to State Road 8 and over to the Starke County Courthouse, United States Post Office, the Parkview Heights area, MPI, and along Culver Road.

NIPSCO restored all service by 5 p.m. CT Monday night. Some customers were online with power at various times throughout the day.

Mayor Chambers added that an electrician checked everything at City Hall before power was turned on inside the building.

The company that provides garbage service to the City of Knox will likely be responsible for the cost of damages.