North Judson Town Council Considers Regulating Truck Traffic

North Judson Water TowerNorth Judson has decided to consider better regulating where commercial trucks can drive in the community.

During Monday night’s North Judson Town Council meeting, a first reading of what’s being called the Truck Route ordinance was presented.

North Judson Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry says this could mean action by law enforcement.

“If a police officer should witness semi-trucks, I think it was over 14-thousand or more in weight, traveling over roads that are not the established truck route, they would be able to issue citations,” says Henry.

By better defining truck routes, North Judson may save on road repairs and remedy other traffic related concerns.

The town has experienced increased commercial truck traffic as a result of the industrial park.

According to Henry, the North Judson Town Council has been looking at an ordinance such as this for some time. She says the ordinance is targeted toward a segment of commercial trucks

“Most of the trucks are from out of the area, they’re not necessarily from local trucking companies,” says Henry.

The matter will come back to the North Judson Town Council for another reading at their next regularly scheduled meeting.