Police Still Seeking Information Child Pornography Case

Robert Wisilinski
Robert Wisilinski

The investigation into the arrest of a Knox resident is ongoing with the Knox City Police Department.

Police have been able to identify victims from child pornography images allegedly found on Robert Wisilinski’s computer. The officers continue to work on leads and help victims in the wake of Wislinski’s alleged actions. 

Wisilinski, 67, was arrested on Feb. 22 as a result of a report of two missing young boys. One was located and officers learned of the location of the other. Police arrived at Wisilinski’s home on South Heaton Street and when they identified themselves at the door, Wisilinski exited the rear entrance of the home with one of the missing boys. He was then taken into custody. Search warrants were executed inside two of Wisilinski’s Knox properties which allegedly uncovered thousands of images of child pornography that depict boys between the ages of nine and 15.

Knox police are still looking for information in this case. Call 772-4122 if you can help detectives identify children in this investigation.