Pulaski County Attorney Addresses Highway Department Concern


If it’s not a county-owned road, then the county highway should not be doing any work on it.

Pulaski County Attorney Kevin Tankersley gave that advice to Terry Ruff from the highway department when a question of road work on Swayze Drive, a private lane, was initiated. Ruff said he’s gotten some calls to help plow the road, fix the road, and help a truck that is stuck on the road. He added that he’s concerned about the residents on that road for the purpose of getting emergency vehicles to those who live on that lane.

Tankersley simply stated that if the responsibility of the road has not been accepted by the county, the county is not to do any work on that road. It would be in the best interest of the residents on the road to pool resources and hire contractors to assist them in their needs.

Commissioner Bud Krohn, Jr. stated that it’s the county’s responsibility to help its residents. Tankersley agreed that it is, but if there’s a legal issue concerning the county on a road that is not legally maintained by the county, there could be a very serious issue.

Tankersley said the policy could be changed, but that could cause a whole new issue. It was not decided if the county would move forward with a discussion on the matter.