Pulaski County Commissioners Settle Unanswered Questions about County Home

Pleasant View Rest Home
Pleasant View Rest Home

The Pulaski County Commissioners discussed measures to close down the Pleasant View Rest Home in Winamac.

Superintendent Deb Girton told the commissioners that one more person is set to leave the county home on March 25. After that person leaves, she has five days to submit the proper paperwork to RCAP.

The commissioners made the decision to allow Girton and the other full-time staff member to stay on until May 1 to close down the property. All part-time staff will be terminated on March 31.

The county council voted in October of last year to defund operations at the Pleasant View Rest Home. With that action, the commissioners had no choice but to close operations. The operations will officially cease on March 31.

The commissioners will go out to the building in the next few weeks to see what is salvageable for a potential auction. Superintendent Deb Girton suggested that all of the food could either be given to the jail for kitchen use or donated to the food pantry. All of that will be decided soon.

Before May 1, Maintenance Director Jeff Johnston will need to survey the building to see what type of maintenance will need to be done to the county-owned building even after it is closed.

As for the severance pay, the employees who would be eligible made a comment to Girton and to Commissioner Terry Young that they’re not interested in getting that money. They’re more concerned about the placement of residents and getting things squared away before March 31.

The commissioners praised the staff at the Pleasant View Rest Home for their hard work over the years.