Pulaski County Has Energy Assistance Dollars Available

Pulaski County Human ServicesAdditional funds are now available in Pulaski County for those in need of energy assistance.

Dollars are released through the state of Indiana and passed down the levels until it reaches the Pulaski County Human Services department. Between now and May 14th, residents can apply to help offset their gas or electric utility bill.

Human Services Director Jacki Frain says the new dollars is quite an increase for their department.

“We’re really hoping that we can reach out to more people in our county and get folks who have never gotten utility assistance to come in and get some l.p. gas or some help on their electric bill,” says Frain.

The Energy Assistance program is designed to help elderly and low income residents with their monthly utility bills.

A noticeable percentage of Pulaski County residents buy natural gas, but price fluctuations can make purchasing difficult. Homeowners, and even tenants who pay their own utilities, can qualify for the subsidy if their household income is at or below 150-percent of the federal poverty guidelines.

Frain says residents can pick-up an application packet at the Human Services offices.

“We have a document that we check as we go through,” says Frain. “If it’s all there, we can take it and enter it and it’s all entered into a computer and it prints out a letter telling you how much assistance you’re eligible for.”

Starke and LaPorte counties also received funds through the North Central Community Action Agency.

Frain says residents are encouraged to reach out to the department to receive assistance.

The Pulaski County Human Services department is celebrating its 40th anniversary at the end of April.