Pulaski County Justice Center, Courthouse Internet Capability to Increase

 The Pulaski County Justice Center and the Courthouse will be getting an upgrade in bandwidth.

Willie DeGroot from DeGroot Technologies explained that the Indiana Office of Technology is requiring a higher speed connection. DSL modems are in the offices, and the county is paying $700 a month for those. DeGroot proposed bringing in a direct fiber optic connection to be installed by Lightstream and a network switch would be installed to branch out to the routers. He said it would provide a much faster connection. It would save money in the process, he reported.

DeGroot said the upfront cost would be somewhat expensive with labor and the network switch, but the cost per month would be $550. A network switch would be $600-$700.

The project needs to be done by June, per regulations of the Indiana Office of Technology.

Commission President Larry Brady asked about connectivity at the annex. DeGroot would get information and bring it back to the commissioners next meeting, along with more solid numbers of what the start-up cost would be.

The commissioners approved the upgrade.